Heather Selick, M.S. Special Education, Advocate, serving the Bay Area.

Common Parent Concerns

"At IEP meetings, it seems like my input is disregarded."

"School staff say that my child is doing fine, but I don't agree. In class he seems lost."

"The teacher says my child is unmotivated and just needs to try harder, but the real problem is my child's giving up."

"Is it normal to need to reteach everything they learned during school at night?"

"My son gets frustrated and cries when he does his homework at night."

Where I come in: 

     I am an Educational Specialist with a focus on Mild/Moderate learning disabilities. Since I have a background in teaching, I evaluate the student from an educational perspective first and from there assess how to move forward to fit together the missing pieces. 

   I believe in and work toward cooperative child-centric solutions to difficult issues, we want to be team players with the school but demand accountability based on data and outcomes. You need to work with someone who understands.


Special Education Advocate Marin


  • Masters of Science, Special Education
  • Education Specialist Credential
  • Teaching Credential, Lifetime CA
  • Special Education Advocate Training Certification (SEAT)
  • COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates) Member
  • Clear Cross Cultural Language and Academic Development Certificate
  • CHADD Parent Educator (Children and Adults with ADHD)