Professional Services

File Review

I offer perspective on your student's school performance by examining data in their file. If a child has been the subject of an SST (Student Study Team) evaluation, had an IEP or 504 review or been assessed there is most likely a paper trail.

     Examining these documents, making sense of the information, providing a clear concise document to use as a template to move forward is imperative.

Transition Planning

At 16 years old, students with IEPs are required to work with the IEP team in creating a Transition Plan. This plan must include the student or in some way ensure that the student's preferences and interests are considered.

It is crucial that options, including college preparation or vocational school be considered.

Interpret Assessments

Understanding assessments is challenging for parents. We need to confirm information we are reviewing reflects what you know about your student. Assessments are a snapshot in time, sometimes evaluated when students are sleepy, hungry or unhappy.

       If further assessments are needed you will be referred to the correct specialist for a thorough evaluation.

504 Plan Development

If your student needs accommodations at school I can help them qualify for a 504 Plan. 504 is a section of the ADA; 

(Americans with Disabilities Act, 1973).

Accommodations may include: extra time on tests, an FM speaker system in classroom, audio books, wheelchair access. The accommodations are driven by the student's needs; allowing them to compete and succeed, leveling the field. 

504 Plans are enforceable under the OCR.

(Office of Civil Rights)

IEP Development

Review and development of IEP goals, accommodations, services. An IEP is the contract you have with the school district, and reflects goals and objectives for your student in the coming year. Unfortunately these goals are looked at in isolation, not as a continuum over the course of their education. We want to know progress rates, where will your child be in 2 years or at graduation? 

Attend IEP, 504, SSTs

As Your Advocate on Your Side

Strategize, negotiate with school on your behalf. An IEP meeting is approached with goals in mind, what does your student need in order to learn? You know as much or more than others around that table, I make sure you are heard.

     As mother of two sons with learning challenges and as a special education teacher, I have been involved with this process for many years.