I was so tired of professionals in the public school system and medical field telling me I knew more about Autism spectrum and learning disorders than they did. Heather was instrumental in helping us get what we needed.
— Parent, 7th Grader

Special education advocate marin testimonials
Finally, someone to put the pieces together, Heather helped us charge ahead...There was so much coming at us, she helped us make sense of it all and have a plan for success and understanding, with Heather backing us up we could move forward with confidence.
— Parent, 3rd Grader

Thanks for all your help! You accomplished in one day what we have not been able to do in 2 years.
— Parent, 3rd Grader

Good Afternoon,

I wanted follow up with you and let you know how my daughter’s IEP went on Tuesday.

Heather did an excellent job thoroughly preparing us for the IEP. It was critical to have all the components in place particularly due to the tight time frame we were operating under. School ends tomorrow.

She was methodical at getting to the critical issues and objectives we wanted to achieve. She set a tone for the IEP that was collaborative that helped keep the focus on our daughter.

Heather has continued to help wrap up the final details and lay the groundwork for the coming school year.

It was such a beneficial experience working with her.


— Parent, June 2016